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7 Free Travel E-Books – Help Charity by Downloading Today

Tweet Back in December I was asked to be a part of a project by Tripbase.com.  The goal was to get 3 travel secrets from travel bloggers and put them together to form a valuable resource full of tips.  This has transformed from one blog post into 7, yes 7, e-books full of great tips. […]

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40 by 40

Tweet So I have been thinking about this for some time, and I have seen other similar things on other blogs/sites I read. I feel like I not really wasted my 20’s but more so maybe that I didn’t get all I could have out of it. Maybe that is part of the reason I […]

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Tag You’re It

Tweet So I was tagged by Candice to be part of the Tripbase Blog Tag. The basis is for each person tagged to give up 3 Travel Secrets and ask 5 others to do the same. Then all of the travel secrets get compiled into a nice list. So let’s begin! 1. Take time to […]

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