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When was the last time you ordered a buger?

Bugers or Burgers?

Tweet I can’t remember that last time somebody I know went to a burger joint, and ordered a buger.  I doubt they get too many orders, but if they do you at least know they are freshly cooked. This is at a new burger place near my house.  The burgers are pretty good, for Korea […]

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The screen in the DVD Bang.

First Trip to a DVD Bang

Tweet Last week was the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War.  On June 25, 1950, North Korean soldiers crossed the 38th parallel and invaded South Korea.  There were all sorts of celebrations with veterans all weekend.  I wanted to celebrate it in my own way.  There has been a Korean movie I have been wanting […]

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Candidates on the Road

Election Time

Tweet Local elections here in Korea are tomorrow June 2nd.  For the past 10 days there has been a lot of campaigning going on.  Most of the campaigning consists of large banners, trucks with large speakers, and women dancing and singing in unison.  It’s definitely been an interesting sight. Near my home is a busy […]

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Daegu from Apsan Mt.

Hiking at Apsan Mt.

Tweet Near my home in Daegu is a mountain called Apsan.  It’s a great spot to get in a hike and see an overview of the city.  On Saturday a co-worker and I decided to head that way and take in the views. I was really surprised with how much was there.  It was more […]

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Children’s Day

Tweet Yesterday was a national holiday in Korea, and no it wasn’t because it was Cinco de Mayo.  May 5th is Children’s Day in Korea.  It’s a day to let the kids go wild and be kids.  Everyone is out of school and places like zoos, amusement parks, and other children’s attractions are busy. Within […]

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The statue represents an older ROK officer, and his younger brother, a North Korean soldier reuniting on the field of battle.

Road Trip to Seoul

Tweet This past weekend I decided to take Friday off and head to Seoul for the weekend.  I have been looking forward to this for a few weeks now.  Seoul is a different world than Daegu.  For that matter, it’s a whole different world than most places. My main focus of the trip was two […]

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Giving Back

Tweet I have done a lot of thinking in the past year about many things.  I have thought extensively about how I would love to travel the world, about how I have seen a lot of the USA but there still remains a lot I want to see, and about how I can go about […]

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Seomun Market

The Forgotten City?

Tweet When people start to plan a trip to South Korea they look toward Seoul or Busan and rightfully so.  However, there is another place that should be given strong consideration, and it happens to be on the way from Seoul to Busan, Daegu. Daegu gets overlooked at times when it comes to South Korea, but […]

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Orions Mascot

Korean Basketball Game

Tweet I have been wanting to check out a Korean basketball game for some time.  Today I finally got the chance, and I enjoyed the experience. The local team, the Daegu Orions, is one of the worst in the league, and today they showed why.  Last in the standings, they lack a lot of what […]

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Beretta 9mm Target

A Day of Shooting Stuff

Tweet Today a bunch of us ventured out to the shooting range here in Daegu.  There is nothing like a good day of just shooting something, even if it’s just a target or clay pigeon.  Four of us from our school headed downtown to meet some of the fine folks from the other branch of […]

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