Going Home After One Year

October 10, 2010

Tweet I have been in Korea for 11 months now.  A trip home to see family and friends is on the horizon, and I am nervous.  I am nervous about finding a new job, about what it will be like to go home and experience the reverse culture shock, and about where I will wind […]

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My First Guest Article

September 16, 2010

Tweet I have been working on writing more and more lately as I build more sites. My goal this month is to write about 45 different articles. Some for here on Teaching Expat, some for Baseball Journeyman, and some for other sites. About a month or so ago I got the chance to write for […]

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Why I Teach

September 7, 2010

Tweet Lately I have been a little frustrated.  I think it stems from a combination of things.  I am 9 weeks away from going home to see my family and friends.  I didn’t get my vacation at work and got a lame excuse when I asked for it.  Then after not getting my vacation, I […]

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My Niece Abigail

Future Travel Plans

September 4, 2010

Tweet I have always thought of taking off and backpacking around Europe. Before I moved to Korea, I bought a huge map of the world and posted it on my wall beside my computer. Constantly I would look at the map and look up random places around the world on the internet to see what […]

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Busan, South Korea

10 Reasons to Pack Up and Move Abroad

September 2, 2010

Tweet I have lived as en expat in South Korea for 9 months now, and it has been amazing.  At this point, I can’t really imagine anything else.  I think Americans don’t take advantage of living, or even traveling long term, abroad.  So here are 10 reasons why everyone should pack up and move abroad. […]

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Daegu International Bodypainting Festival

Daegu International Bodypainting Festival

August 29, 2010

Tweet I headed out to the Daegu International Bodypainting Festival this weekend to get some practice with my new camera.  I was glad I went because I got some good practice in different lighting settings. We headed out about 3pm, and the entire cab ride out there I wondered if it would rain on us […]

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A Day in the Life

August 17, 2010

Tweet Twice a year when the kids here are on summer or winter break, they come to my school even more. We call these ‘intensive’ periods, and this week is the last of the summer intensives. Normally a student will come to my school for 3 periods which total 2 hours and 20 minutes. During […]

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Typhoon Dianmu

Typhoon Heading To Korea

August 11, 2010

Tweet Three people are dead and one is missing as torrential downpours hit Korea ahead of a typhoon.  This is the first time in 9 years that hard rain has taken the life of someone in Korea. Typhoon Dianmu is heading for the Korean peninsula.  It reached the southern part on Wednesday.   It should […]

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Seoul Bus Explosion

Seoul Bus Explosion

August 10, 2010

Tweet About 95 percent of the buses in Seoul run on Natural Gas.  Yesterday that was a bad thing. As a bus was pulling up to a red light, one of its gas tanks exploded.  Seventeen people, including 6 pedestrians, were injured.  One person needed surgery (she was sitting over the tank and needed surgery […]

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Sunrise in the Land of the Morning Calm

Sunrise in the Land of the Morning Calm

August 2, 2010

Tweet Seeing a sunrise come up over the water is something everyone should see and something I have always wanted to experience.  When I found out that there was a temple on the coast in Busan, I knew I would have to venture out one weekend to take in the sunrise.  I wasn’t disappointed. Last […]

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