Hitting the Wall

April 12, 2010

Tweet I was very excited about moving to Korea.  I did a lot of research, and I knew that it would be a great experience.  I came here for a variety of reasons.  I wanted to get some experience teaching since that is what I want to do whenever it is I decide to return […]

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New Website

New Baseball Website

April 3, 2010

Tweet I am a passionate baseball fan, and I have always wanted to see baseball games in other parts of the world.  Since I am now abroad, I decided to start a website detailing my baseball travels.   I have been working on it for some time, and this is one of the reasons I have […]

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Volunteering Overseas

March 23, 2010

Tweet I have talked in the past about volunteering at a local orphanage.  It has been a very rewarding experience so far.  The kids have really taken to us, and I always have a great time when I am there.  I have been looking into other volunteer opportunities for when I decide to leave South […]

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Making a Difference

March 16, 2010

Tweet Recently I have been involved in a few conversations on making a difference as a teacher.  I think anyone who gets into teaching wants to make a difference in the lives of those they teach.  I know it has a lot to do with why I wanted to teach.  I felt I could have […]

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Random Observations

March 8, 2010

Tweet I have been in Korea for just over 4 months, and in that time a few things have stood out.  These are just a few of my observations and they do not represent everyone here.  I do suspect they represent a great many however. First of all, there is a great mixture of rudeness […]

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A Weekend Getaway

March 4, 2010

Tweet This last weekend I joined a few teachers and ventured down to the coast to check out the city of Busan.  Monday was a holiday here in South Korea so we hoped on a Sunday morning train with the plan to come back on Monday. Busan is the 2nd biggest city in South Korea […]

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Another Photo Selected for iPhone Application

February 15, 2010

Tweet I was notified two days ago that a photo I have on Flickr was chosen for the Schmap Atlanta Tenth Edition.  This is my 2nd photo they have chosen for their app.  The first was a photo of a Civil War site in Franklin, TN. The photo they included is one I took of Centenial […]

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Giving Back

February 15, 2010

Tweet I have done a lot of thinking in the past year about many things.  I have thought extensively about how I would love to travel the world, about how I have seen a lot of the USA but there still remains a lot I want to see, and about how I can go about […]

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Three Month Update

February 11, 2010

Tweet Three months ago I was sitting in Florida looking for a job.  Today I am a stranger in a strange land.  Today is my 3rd month of work in Korea, which also makes my niece 3 months old.  These three months have really gone by quick.  I have learned a lot in the 3 months I have […]

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Seomun Market

The Forgotten City?

February 1, 2010

Tweet When people start to plan a trip to South Korea they look toward Seoul or Busan and rightfully so.  However, there is another place that should be given strong consideration, and it happens to be on the way from Seoul to Busan, Daegu. Daegu gets overlooked at times when it comes to South Korea, but […]

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