I spent three years teaching ESL to elementary students in Daegu, South Korea. Now I am back in the US getting certified to teach both business and social studies.  Korea was very different from what I have experienced in the past.  Before moving here I served some time in corporate America and I had a glimpse at the school systems back home.  I have rediscovered my desire to travel, and I hope to use my position as a teacher to see more of the world.  I feel Korea is just the beginning of what I hope turns into a long career as a expat living and teaching abroad.

After finishing my teaching certification (in November 2014), I hope to move to the bush in Alaska to teach in one of the villages. If not there I hope to teach in either my home state of Texas or somewhere in sunny Florida.

I hope to bring you some insights into the life of an expat teaching English overseas.  If you have any questions feel free to either contact me at the email below, or leave a comment.  If you like what you see, please sign up for the RSS feed and follow along with me on my journey.

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