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ALCAN Highway Day 5 – to Dawson Creek

So my time along the ALCAN Highway has come to a close, but not the end of my journey. I had a great time on the Alaska Highway. I met some incredible people and saw some amazing scenery. I would recommend this trip to anyone looking for a good road trip.

My last day on the ALCAN was a short one. I drove quite a long ways on the day before and only had a few short miles from Fort St. John to Dawson Creek and the end of the ALCAN. However, it was not without its beauty. Almost immediately after leaving Fort St. John, which is a city I really like by the way, I was seeing wildlife. To me that was one of the highlights of the drive, the wildlife. I love animals and seeing them in their natural habitat, or as close to it as I can come being on a road in a car, is always something that is fun.

Once I arrived in Dawson Creek I immediately felt a sadness come over me. I set out to drive the Alaska Highway and when it was over I felt like there should be more even though it was 1,422 miles. Luckily for me there is a lot in front of me still to come.

Over the coming weeks I will be going through and stopping in places like Banff National Park, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and possibly more. I still have not decided which route to take after leaving Yellowstone. It will depend on how tired I am of driving.

I started out the journey down the ALCAN in Delta Junction. I actually went out of my way to start there instead of in Tok which is 100 miles or so down the road from mile one. I wanted to look back and say I drove the entire road, and I did.

One thing I recommend for anyone driving the ALCAN is to stop at both Mile 0 and Mile 1,422 and take your photo at the mile markers. They are both located at visitor’s centers, and make quite the keepsake.

In the end I went onto Grande Prairie. It wasn’t a long drive on the day, but it got me a little closer to where I was going to stay the next night, and it gave me time to do some homework I needed to do. I’m actually working on my master’s degree and I am taking a class right now that requires weekly readings and posts. So this might be the shortest drive I do on the entire trip.

ALCAN Highway Road Conditions:

Like just about every other day on the ALCAN, the roads were quite good. There was a small amount of construction but the roads in Alberta seem to be well taken care of, which is a stark contrast to some of the road in the Yukon. However, the road is much more traveled with the towns dotted along the road unlike the isolated places along parts of the road in the Yukon.

Day 5 Totals:

Miles –  129 miles (1,818 total)
Cups of Coffee –2
Trips to Tim Horton – 1
Moose – 1

Below are a few photos I took today. To see more check out my Flickr Page.


At Mile 1,422 of the ALCAN Highway


Mile 0 of ALCAN Highway


Mile 0 Marker ALCAN Highway


Mile 0 Selfie ALCAN Highway

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