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Review: Wanderer’s Inn – Haines Junction, Yukon

I wanted to take a moment to talk about one of the places I have stayed so far on my trip from Alaska to Texas along the ALCAN Highway. My first night in Canada after leaving Delta Junction, I stopped off in Haines Junction. I had found a few places through the Milepost (which I can’t recommend enough for those traveling down the ALCAN).

The one I went with was the Wanderer’s Inn. It was the first hostel I had stayed in and I was looking forward to the experience. Well I am here to tell you it did not disappoint. I loved it. The hosts were fantastic. They showed up quick to check me in (they live 2 minutes away). The place was clean and comfortable.

Upstairs there is a room with bunk beds and a private room for families. There was also a common area where you could just hang out and relax. Outside they had what they called a wall tent, and this is where I stayed. It was comfortable, quiet, and the hosts set up a heater for me which made the tent comfortable. There were four beds in the tent but I was the only one staying that night.

The views from the porch are amazing as you stare directly at the mountains. There is also a fire pit area, and the hosts came back that night after dinner to make a fire. We sat around for awhile just chatting and enjoying the fire. They were really helpful. They gave me ideas on where to stop, stay, and even where it would be cheaper to fill up with gas.

I could not recommend this place more. Plus it is walking distance to a good restaurant, Frosty’s. If you are going to be near Haines Junction and need a place to stay, I say head to the Wanderer’s Inn. It was a good value and a comfortable place to stay.

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