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ALCAN Highway Day 3 – to Watson Lake

Day 3 of my drive from Alaska to Texas took me further down the ALCAN Highway. Today I went from Haines Junction to Watson Lake. It was a rather uneventful day, which I will mark down as a plus when traveling this far.

I loved Haines Junction. It was simply gorgeous. Overall the Yukon in particular has been amazing. I have only touched the surface of British Columbia, then I was quickly back into the Yukon stopping at Watson Lake.

The drive down to Teslin Lake was gorgeous. The lake itself was also quite amazing. The ALCAN follows the lake for a few miles along the northern side of the lake in the Yukon. I stopped at one overlook/rest area to take some photos. Here is the panoramic I made.

Teslin Lake Panorama Day 3

For the most part the drive was pleasant. Around the last two hours there were spots of rain, but nothing heavy. However, the last hour or so of the drive into Watson Lake was fairly bland.  Despite quite a few areas where I saw moose or elk warning signs, I did not see any animals today.

ALCAN Highway Road Conditions:

For the most part the drive from Haines Junction to Watson Lake is on good road. There were some stretches, only one more than a few miles, that were gravel. However, the roads are very well marked. Anytime there is a rough patch it is clearly marked with a sign before and orange flags at the spot. The speed limit for most of the road is 100 kph (62 mph). It will slow down to 70 kph (43 mph) or 50 kph (31 mph) when you enter a small town along the way.

Day 3 Totals:

Miles – 367 miles (1,133 total)
Cups of Coffee – 2
Bathroom stops – 2
Moose – 0
Bears – 0
Caribou – 0
Times stopped to take a photo – Only a few today

Below are a few photos I took today. To see more check out my Flickr Page.

Alaska to Texas Day 3-14

Teslin Lake, Yukon Territory

Alaska to Texas Day 3-3

The Road to Watson Lake

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