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ALCAN Highway Day 2 – to Haines Junction

So I had my first day on the actual ALCAN Highway yesterday. For the most part it was an uneventful day. The weather for most of the day was terrible. It was gloomy and rainy most of the day, so there was little to see for most of the day.

However, about the time I got to Destruction Bay, or maybe a little before, it cleared up and I got to see the beauty of the Yukon. Once I came across Kluane Lake I was blown away. It is a huge lake, and come to find out the largest in completely in the Yukon.

The lake provides some spectacular views. When I was riding by there were low hanging clouds surrounding the lake and the mountains. It was amazing and a much needed break from the rainy, gloomy day I had before.  You can see a few of my photos of the lake below, but as always they simply don’t do it justice.

Kluane Lake Panorama Day 2

Kluane Lake

Haines Junction:

I stopped in Haines Junction for the night after traveling about 400 miles. I was ready to stop and found a nice little hostel off the highway. I had found it through the Milepost, which has been such a valuable resource. I loved this place. The hosts were fantastic, fun, informative, and extremely welcoming. It is called the Wanderer’s Inn and I will do a further write up on it when I have time, but I highly recommend it.

The small town is situated in an amazing place. There are some great little eateries. I recommend Frosty’s for lunch or dinner and the Village Bakery for breakfast. I am actually sitting at the Bakery enjoying breakfast before leaving town. They have a wide assortment of baked goods. The coffee is really good, and from the looks of it they have some great sandwiches for lunch/dinner. You can check out more information on it here.

ALCAN Highway Road Conditions:

Once I crossed the border into Canada there was a distinguishable difference in road quality. The Canadian side for most of the way from the border to Destruction Bay was terrible. Many parts of it were gravel making travel quite slow. However, once I got to Kluane Lake the roads cleared up and it was an easy beautiful drive into Haines Junction.

Day 2 Totals:

Miles – 400 miles (766 total)
Cups of Coffee – 3
Bathroom stops – 2
Moose – 0
Bears – 0
Caribou – 0
Times stopped to take a photo – Lost Count

Below are a few photos I took today. To see more check out my Flickr Page.

Alaska to Texas Day 2-10

Kluane Lake

Alaska to Texas Day 2-1

The road to Haines Junction

Alaska to Texas Day 2-2

Kluane Lake

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