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Short Profile of Mountain Village, Alaska

Short Profile of Mountain Village, Alaska

So it looks like I am moving to Mountain Village, Alaska this summer. So I thought I would do a little research about the village. Here is what little I have learned so far about the village.

Mountain Village is roughly 456 miles west of Anchorage as a crow flies. However, there are no roads at all that lead to the village. It takes two flights from Anchorage to reach the village. The first leads to St. Mary’s which is about an hour and forty-five minutes. The second is just a ten minute flight from there.

I am not completely sure of the total population, but it appears to be somewhere near 850. It is located on the Yukon River, which is a major waterway stretching almost 2,000 miles from Canada to the Bering Sea. It is the longest river in Alaska.

The village spreads out over 4.3 square miles, all of it land.

A few notes about the village. Yes there is cell phone reception although I don’t know how good. Things like TV are available there via satellite. However, there are no restaurants that I know of, and since there are no roads leading in everything has to be flown in.

A lot of people have asked me about weather and just assume that it will be below freezing year round. Well that is not the case. However, it will be a vastly different climate that what I have lived in most of my life. For instance, we have already hit the high 80s here in Texas with some much hotter weather on the way. Let’s just look at today’s forecast (Monday April 13th) and compare.

Fort Worth – Rain showers and windy, high of 80, low of 59 tonight – currently 67 (1 pm local)

Mountain Village – Partly cloudy and calm, high of 22, low of 11 tonight – currently 7 (10 am local)

That is quite a difference, but one I am looking forward to.

A few quick facts about the school I will be at (all from the schools website):

Total students 247 (K-12)
Certified Teachers 23
Student-Teacher Ratio 17:1

Here are a few pictures of Mountain Village courtesy of

As I find out more information I will share here.

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