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Day 2 Recap of the ATP Teacher Job Fair in Anchorage

Day 2 Recap of the ATP Teacher Job Fair in Anchorage

So after getting a few hours of sleep after day one of the job fair. I was up early in the morning around 6:30 anxious to get the day started, even though it was going to be a long one.

Even before the fair started for the day I was messaging another person who was here looking for a job. She secured a position in another district and we came to realize that we both not only taught in South Korea, but we both taught in Daegu. Small world indeed. We met briefly in the little hotel coffee shop just to say hello and congratulate each other.

Then it was off to sign my contract.

I showed up just a few minutes after eight and the room was already buzzing. They had only gotten a hold of one of my references and they said they like to talk to two. So I panicked and sent my mentor teacher a text message asking her to call. She said she would, and I believe did later that day when things calmed down on her end. She is awesome by the way. I wouldn’t be here without her.

Anyway they went ahead and gave me my contract to sign. I had done a lot of research and knew what the contract days would be and pay and that sort of thing. So when I saw that it was just a little more, not much but enough to notice, I smiled a little. It is not about the money. If it was let’s face it I wouldn’t be teaching. Anyway I read over it and signed it.

I then had a few minutes to ask a couple questions to one of the teachers who lives in Mountain Village. She was very kind and took the time to answer my questions. She then gave me her email and the email of another teacher who is leaving the district who might want to part with some things like pots/pans. Remember you have to ship everything to the village so every little bit helps. I found it interesting that the teacher leaving was leaving for South Korea. Small world again.

So that was that. I signed, was congratulated by everyone there, and was on my way. I have to say everyone I have met associated with Lower Yukon has been extremely kind and welcoming.

There was an interesting moment though. As I was waiting for my mentor teacher to call, the principal from District A that I had interviewed with yesterday came up to introduce himself. I had not met him the prior day because he wasn’t in town yet. So here I am standing in front of the LYSD booth and he comes to speak to me. He was very kind and wanted to chat with me about the position I interviewed for yesterday. However, I had to inform him that I was about to sign with LYSD. He was congratulatory but a bit bummed. I think they still had a strong interest in me and he wanted to talk to me before offering me a position. They were just a bit late.

Anyway, after chatting and signing. I went to find one of the mentors from the Alaska Mentor Project. She is a wealth of knowledge and in one of her previous live chats she mentioned living in Milton, FL. Well that is where my parents grew up and where I still have family. So we chatted for a few minutes and she asked me how it was going. When I told her I had signed she was very happy for me. Again everyone associated with the fair has been so nice and helpful. She turned me over to another lady from ATP who then took my picture to post on their board of new hires. I also received a book as a congratulatory gift. A book I had planned on buying on Amazon if I found a job so that was a nice surprise. The book? This one.

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