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ATP Job Fair in Anchorage – Registration Day

ATP Job Fair in Anchorage - Registration Day

Yesterday I made the long journey up to Anchorage, Alaska for the ATP job fair. For me, coming from Texas, it was a long day. I actually traveled down to Austin from Fort Worth to fly out because it was a lot cheaper. After the three hour drive I started my journey in the air. The first flight was sorta short, a little over two hours to Minneapolis. From there I had a three hour layover before the just over five hour flight to Anchorage.

For the most part the flights were fine. There wasn’t much, but some, turbulence. The flight into Anchorage was completely full, and I tried to sleep off and on since I was really tired.

The good part of traveling here is you gain three hours from Texas. I arrived at just after eight in the evening and quickly found a cab to get to the hotel. I did not eat anything on the plane so I was hungry. Even though it was after midnight central time, where I started the day, I went out to find a bite to eat. I settled for the Hard Rock Cafe because not much else was open it seemed. I did not try too hard though.

Today the job fair kicked off with registration. It was a short deal but necessary. From three to five they were set up to get us registered which consisted of a couple of things. First of all, they had us fill out a form with our name and cell phone so we could be reached while here. Secondly, we made a name badge that says what we are certified in. This way everyone can easily see during the fair.

Then they took that form we put our name and number on and made us a “mail box” as they called it. They put our name on a manila folder and then stapled the form we filled out inside. These will be placed in a box so the schools can leave us notes about possible interviews or just to drop by their booth. They are in boxes outside the fair where we can look at them through the day.

That was it. They gave us a little packet with some information including a map of the floor plan where schools will be set up. And if you are new to Alaska or the profession, like me,  you got a ticket to the New to the Profession/Alaska reception on day one.

I am interested to see what the event holds in store for me. I have two interviews set up and hope to have several more before the end of the fair. I am a bit nervous though. It is something I really want so naturally I am a bit nervous.

I haven’t gotten out much today because I have a paper for my class due Saturday and need to work on finishing it. That is what I will be doing tonight as well. That and preparing for the fair.

The photo is of a couple items that were in the welcome packet they gave us. The stress ball might come in handy of the next few days.

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