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Friday Food: Jokbal (족발)

One of my favorite foods in Korea is Jokbal (족발) which is a meat cooked in soy sauce and spices. What some might not want to know before eating it is that it’s pig’s feet.

Although it is pig’s feet, it’s more like the shin of the leg that you eat. At least that is the part that has the most meat. When I eat this with foreigners we usually don’t eat the toes.

It is usually served with some sort of lettuce to wrap it in before eating and as always with rice and some sort of soup.

This is the meal we eat here in Daegu at a local Jokbal restaurant. It is served with rice and a seaweed/fishy soup which is very tasty.

Jokbal dinner in Daegu, South Korea

Jokbal - Pig's Feet from South Korea

If you are even in Korea, I recommend trying it. It is very delicious.

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