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Daegu Favorites: Shrek’s Restaurant

I live in a great area of Daegu called Jisan-dong. We have a lot of really nice restaurants here, and as much as we have ventured out here we have only scratched the surface of what is here.  One of the local favorites, especially among the foreigners is a place we call Shreks.  I have no idea what the name of the place is, but we love it.

We eat there at least once a week. Whether it is for lunch, dinner or just a quick snack its a great place to eat. My favorite thing there, and one of my favorite dishes anywhere, is a spicy chicken dish. Translated it just means chicken over rice, and it is delicious.  Plus it is cheap.  Everything else there is good as well. They have the best chum-chi gimbap I have had.

The reason we call it Shreks is the owner has a poster of himself on the wall where he is green like Shrek. It’s a small place with little seating, but it is a popular spot in Jisan-dong.  The owner, who we refer to as Shrek, owns a BBQ place as well that is just down the road, but it is only so-so.  However, Shreks is one of the best places around.

Shrek's Chicken Dish

This is what I get almost everytime - Shrek's Spicy Chicken Dish

Shreks sides

Peanuts, Radish, and Kimchi - delicious sides served with your meal

Shreks seating

There are only 3 small tables, but there is seating on the floor upstairs too



Why we call it Shreks

Why we call it Shreks

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