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My First Guest Article

Tweet I have been working on writing more and more lately as I build more sites. My goal this month is to write about 45 different articles. Some for here on Teaching Expat, some for Baseball Journeyman, and some for other sites. About a month or so ago I got the chance to write for […]

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Why I Teach

Tweet Lately I have been a little frustrated.  I think it stems from a combination of things.  I am 9 weeks away from going home to see my family and friends.  I didn’t get my vacation at work and got a lame excuse when I asked for it.  Then after not getting my vacation, I […]

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My Niece Abigail

Future Travel Plans

Tweet I have always thought of taking off and backpacking around Europe. Before I moved to Korea, I bought a huge map of the world and posted it on my wall beside my computer. Constantly I would look at the map and look up random places around the world on the internet to see what […]

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Busan, South Korea

10 Reasons to Pack Up and Move Abroad

Tweet I have lived as en expat in South Korea for 9 months now, and it has been amazing.  At this point, I can’t really imagine anything else.  I think Americans don’t take advantage of living, or even traveling long term, abroad.  So here are 10 reasons why everyone should pack up and move abroad. […]

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