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Fun with Essays

Each week I teach several writing classes.  I get to see some really funny stuff come through in those essays the kids write. Some times their broken English comes across even stronger in their writing as opposed to their speaking.  This is one example.  This student emailed in their essay so nothing has been changed.  They were supposed to write about their favorite character from their favorite movie.  However, this student wrote his essay before class, so he did not understand that he didn’t have to write about the example of Luke Skywalker.  This is what he submitted.  Enjoy.

I don’t know about Luke Skywalker. So I found about Luke Skywalker.
His fatherm Anakin Skywalker, he faught but he cut his arm, legs.
So who help him, he become Darth Vather. So he become bad. and I heard his mother, Pdme Amidala, she death because she borned Anakin, and she borned Luke’s sisther, Layar and she died. So he sent and lived in his father’s brother, and his wife. but bad people killed them because they want know infomation in their robot. so he leaved tatoo people. And he teached Yoda. Yoda is green alien but his good. but he is old, when he fight, he is ver fast even raser gun can’t kill him. and he teached by Yoda, he went to the death star, and he waste death star. I don’t like Luke so I don’t know about Luck very well. I like darth Vader. and I like part of he say “I’m your father”

I asked him in class how he learned about Luke, and he told me he searched the internet.

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I taught ESL for three years in South Korea and now I am looking to set out on a new journey after just finishing my teaching certification in the US. I hope to continue teaching and traveling and you can follow his journeys here.

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2 Responses to “Fun with Essays”

  1. Heather says:

    Not a bad research job…fairly thorough!

    I felt like I could hear him saying this out loud. Glad I’m getting a break from essay reading, although some of the submissions sent to my inbox aren’t much better!

  2. admin says:

    That is one thing I don’t like about my job – not being able to really correct their essays. They send most of them to the Philippines to be graded, so we are only allowed to read them and not correct them. Most of them are really funny thought.


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