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Photo Selected for iPhone App

I got an email back in December from a company that does an iPhone app called Schmap.  They had selected one of my photos from Franklin, TN for possible inclussion in their application.  From the looks of it, it is a map app with photos of various places.  Well today I logged into Flickr to see they had sent me an email saying my photo would be included.  Now I don’t any money, but anyone who views that picture will see my name credited.  Being the amatuer photographer that I am I was very excited.  I am still learning how to take good photos, so to have one chosen was exciting to me.

The photo is one of the Carter House in Franklin.  This was a major part of the Battle of Franklin in the American Civil War.  I visited it this summer when I was up visiting my brother and his family.  It’s an interesting place full of history.  On the grounds of the home is the most bullet ridden building from the Civil War still standing in Tennessee.  I highly recommend everyone to see it anytime you are in the Nashville area.  You will not be disappointed.  Be sure to do the tour they have.  It is excellent and full of really interesting information, plus you get to enter parts of the house to see how they lived.

You can check out information about the app below, and it will also show my picture.  I have also posted a few of the pictures I took there.  So check it out if you are there.

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Link to the app with my photo –

Link to more information about the Carter House –

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2 Responses to “Photo Selected for iPhone App”

  1. Dona says:

    How exciting! I can totally relate to the sentiment of getting your name published, regardless if money is earned. Its all about getting your name out there!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the comment Dona. It was really exciting because I am not exactly a professional photographer.


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