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40 by 40

So I have been thinking about this for some time, and I have seen other similar things on other blogs/sites I read. I feel like I not really wasted my 20’s but more so maybe that I didn’t get all I could have out of it. Maybe that is part of the reason I am in South Korea now. I want to travel, see, and experience new things and cultures. I find living in South Korea fascinating. Add to that the conversations I have had so far with my fellow co-workers from the England, Canada, Scotland, and South Africa and I have a stronger urge to see and do more in my 30’s. I wouldn’t say I have a lot of regrets because I have lived a good life, I have great friends, and I couldn’t ask for more when it comes to my family, but I feel there is more. So here is my take on my 40 by 40. Forty things I want to do before I turn 40 (just typing this makes me feel old), which is not that far off unfortunately.

1. See the Great Wall of China
2. See a World Baseball Classic game
3. See a World Series game
4. See 10 new MLB stadiums (can you tell I like baseball?)
5. Visit at least 5 of the 7 continents (3 to go)
6. Get a master’s degree in History
7. Play a baseball game in a foreign country
8. Learn a foreign language (German perhaps)
9. Raise $10,000 for a charity
10. Volunteer at an orphanage
11. Ride the Trans-Siberian Rail
12. See the Pyramids
13. Visit the Grand Canyon
14. Go to Oktoberfest
15. Visit at least 10 new countries
16.. Eat a Kobe steak in Japan
17. See a baseball game in 5 foreign countries
18. Go to the Olympics
19. Go to the European Baseball Championships
20. See a football game at Darrell K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium
21. Go to the Superbowl (at least join the festivities around the game)
22. Run a 5k Race
23. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
24. Get a small tattoo (ankle perhaps)
25. See a sunset in Key West
26. Throw out the 1st pitch at a baseball game
27. See a major college football bowl game
28. Go to the College World Series
29. Coach a baseball team in a foreign country for a game
30. Spend a week on a beach somewhere with no internet/TV/phone
31. Ride a motorcycle across the countryside of a foreign country
32. Visit Normandy
33. Visit a concentration camp
34. See the Northern Lights
35. Go to MLB spring training
36. Study Spanish in Central or South America
37. Take guitar lessons and be able to play at least 1 song
38. Visit Niagara Falls
39. Ice Skate at Rockefeller Center at Christmas time
40. See a basketball game in Madison Square Garden

So there it is. My 40 things I want to do before I turn 40. The clock is ticking so I better get cracking. If you have something similar, let me know. I would be interested in see what is on your to-do list.

In other news I have been tagged by Candice for the Tripbase Blog 3 best kept travel secrets. I will be posting my 3 secrets soon and will in turn tag a few other blogs. So look for that very soon.

Till next time,

About Eric Bynum
I taught ESL for three years in South Korea and now I am looking to set out on a new journey after just finishing my teaching certification in the US. I hope to continue teaching and traveling and you can follow his journeys here.

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2 Responses to “40 by 40”

  1. Candice says:

    Sweet list, I'm thinking about doing something similar which focuses purely on travel. Tis a work in progress!


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