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People Watching

I have been in South Korea for just over 4 weeks now and I still do not have internet in my apartment. It should be hooked up today, but I won’t hold my breath. It really hasn’t been that bad though. I actually enjoy getting out of the house to go to Starbucks. They have a 2 floor store and the bottom floor is small and usually not busy. The best part of where I am is that it sits on the corner of a busy intersection so I get to do a lot of people watching which is always entertaining. Two days ago I was sitting here reading my blogs and surfing the net when a young boy came in with his mother. To get upstairs to purchase something from Starbucks, everyone must walk up the stairs next to the tables I sit at. I turned around a short while after they both entered and notice the young boy on the bottom step just staring at me. I am getting used to the stares, but I still find it amusing. About an hour or so later as I was packing up I turned around to find the young boy back staring again. I think sometimes the stares come from amazement of the strange foreigners, but sometimes I get another feeling. The older crowd here will many times stare at you as you pass them on the street. And they follow you with their eyes, in what seems like anger but probably isn’t, long after you have passed them. I think some want to speak to the foreigner but are afraid of saying something wrong or getting shot down by the foreigner. Saving face here in SK is a big deal. They do not want to get shown up and made to look like a fool so they look for ways to save face. That’s just one more of the culture differences I have run into.

I am finally starting to get over my head cold so I hope to venture out this weekend to the downtown market. I hear there are some interesting things to see and purchase so I am really looking forward to that. I don’t know when I’ll get the chance as I might have to work a few hours on Saturday afternoon.

In other news one of my favorite online authors, who recently became an associate editor over at Matador, has a new blog. Candice from That’s Tangly, who has a writing style of reckless abandon which makes for interesting reading, released her new blog of Candice Does the World to document the planning of her future RTW trip. So check it out and enjoy some good travel writing. I also gotta say thanks to Candice for the link to my blog on her new site. Also, if you are not familiar with it, check out Matador, one of the premier travel sites on the web.

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P.S. I also wanted to add that I added to my list a few of my co-worker’s blogs. So if you are interested in learning about life in SK for foreigners, these will give you a few other perspectives. Is Kimchi For Me? and Lady Livingston’s Adventure Notes. Also check out Emily’s blog A Wanderlust World (a fellow Texan) about teaching in SK

My view of the intersection from Starbucks.
The other side of the corner view from Starbucks. To the left are the stairs to go up to the main section of Starbucks. This is in the corner of the Dong-A Department Store building and those are coats and clothes they are selling just outside.

View of the Starbucks I frequent from across the street.

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