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Korean Christmas Decorations at Local Department Store

Not much happened today (Sunday) since it is raining out. I have basically spent the day at either KFC or Starbucks hijacking a better internet signal. Right now I am at Lotteria (like a McDonalds) sitting eating some spicy chicken strips and surfing the web. I took a tour of Dong-A, the big department store by my apartment, to look at the new Christmas decorations that have gone up. They are very different than anything you see back home. No reindeer or santas around in Dong-A (although you can see them around town in some places), but instead they have weird sheep and monkey looking little characters. Of course the coup de grace is the large Unicorn. I posted a few pictures below. All the pictures I took are on flickr.

Korean Christmas Decorastions. A sheep and what I think is a monkey.
The Christmas Unicorn.

Hopefully this week I will get over this head cold I have had. Monday is payday (wahooo) and I am going to join the gym this week. I met a few guys here that play baseball, and I would really like to get back into shape so I could go out and toss the ball around a bit when it warms up. Other than that I really need to find a few things to fill my days here. Any suggestions?

Have a great week.

I loved this sign in the food section of Dong-A. “Fish & Shellfishe” – It does smell a little “fishe” in there.

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2 Responses to “Korean Christmas Decorations at Local Department Store”

  1. angryredhead says:

    Hahahah, I think the thing besides the sheep is a lemur. Although I can't be too sure…

  2. Eric says:

    It could be a lemur or some strange SK creation.


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