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Job Offer – Now in Limbo

I can’t sleep tonight. Late last week I had my first interview with a school in S. Korea. It’s a hagwon in Daegu, and I am very interested in the job. The interview went well and the school offered me the position. Since then it has been a waiting game. I went over the contract and after getting a few questions and concerns addressed, I accepted the position. I was asked to sign and scan the signature page of the contract, which I did. Along with that, I emailed in my aposilled CBC (background check). This is where the anxious part came in for me. My recruiter emailed back saying she was not sure immigration would not accept it. They claim that the person doing the check needed to sign the form (which was a simple form I filled out and mailed in). It has a less formal look than others I have seen from other states. So now I am just waiting as the school checks with immigration if my CBC will be accepted. Now I am left waiting. Waiting to see if it will be accepted (I have emailed it to other recruiters and nobody said anything), and waiting to see if I wind up with the job. It all needs to clear itself up soon if I am to make it by November 1 which is the first day of the contract. Other than that I continue to talk to recruiters hoping to find something if this falls through.

It is just after midnight here in Florida and just after 2pm in S. Korea. I hope by the end of their business day to have word on my CBC thus I can’t sleep knowing my job is in limbo. That and I took a nap this afternoon.

I’ll be sure to file and update as soon as I hear.

P.S. If you haven’t seen it, check out The Wire. It’s an old HBO show, and it’s greatness. I am about to finish up season 3 very soon.

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