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Passport Arrived and First Interview

My passport came last Saturday arriving in just under 4 weeks. I was surprised how quick I received it. This was my last document I needed in order to start interviewing with schools in S. Korea. After a few days of emailing resumes, pictures, and answering a lot of the same questions over and over from various recruiters, I finally got my first interview with a school. It was this morning at 8am which is 10pm Korean Time. I was surprised how well my interviewer, who I believe was the hagwon director, spoke English. We talked for about 12 minutes where most of that was him telling me about the school. It might not be the greatest job in Korea but its not the worst. I am excited about it and feel it went fairly well. I guess I will see when my recruiter comes in later tonight my time to see what he says. I was asked some basic questions and feel I was upbeat enough to impress the director. It is definately a job I would take. It is with a large hagwon that has many branches. This one is in Daegu, which is one of the bigger cities. The pay is good with good benefits and it is an established business.

I know it’s only my first interview with a school (I have done a few with recruiters now) but I was a little nervous. I actually thought I missed the call. At about 7:30 I jumped in for a quick shower to get prepared and as I was getting out my phone was ringing at 7:45. He called early. So I waited another 15 minutes or so hoping I didn’t miss my opportunity. Sure enough he calls back around 8am. I’ll update everyone when I find out how it went from the recruiter later tonight.

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