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Teaching English Overseas

I have been giving this a lot of thought over the past few months and have come to the conclusion that it is time to dive in and go for it. I would prefer to start my work overseas in South Korea but I am looking into South America and Eastern Europe as well.

So I have been reading a lot of forums, and I have found a lot of good information out there. I have even stumbled upon a good blog here and there that give a good idea of what I might experience. I am eager to get the process started so I am preparing my resume and working on getting all the paperwork needed, including a passport.

I am not sure if I have missed the big hiring season or not. I read a lot about many of the jobs having started in August, but then I read about many other jobs starting either later in the year or early 2010. I am going to need a month or two anyway to get all my paperwork processed and in order. So starting either later this year or early 2010 would be perfect. It should be an interesting process none-the-less, and I’ll be sure to keep my status updated here on what is happening.

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About Eric Bynum
I taught ESL for three years in South Korea and now I am looking to set out on a new journey after just finishing my teaching certification in the US. I hope to continue teaching and traveling and you can follow his journeys here.

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2 Responses to “Teaching English Overseas”

  1. Emily S says:

    Cool blog, sir. I hope you get all your traveling done! I can't wait to get back home with some saved money and do some traveling as well.

  2. Eric says:

    Emily – thanks for the comment. I hope you are able to get your traveling done as well. Good Luck with the job in SK. Keep us updated there on how it goes. I am always interested in seeing others experiences. Oh and loved the pool glove!


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