Getting Close to Finishing Teaching Certification and Job Fairs

November 4, 2014

Tweet So I am just a few weeks away from being done with all of my student teaching. I have my week of culminating teaching coming up just before Thanksgiving and tomorrow I take my final certification test over pedagogy. As for the test, it is my final of three. I already passed the general knowledge […]

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Alaska 2015 Teaching Job Fair Dates Released

August 5, 2014

Tweet So I just booked my hotel for a trip to Anchorage in March of 2015. The dates for the Alaska teaching job fairs were recently announced (you can view them here). I am looking at going to the Anchorage fair in late March, and I chose that one for several reasons. First of all, […]

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What State Should I Teach In? I am Not Quite Sure Yet

July 26, 2014

Tweet Where to teach? In November I will finish my teaching certification through the Teacher Ready program in the state of Florida. However, I am currently living in Texas where I will be doing my student teaching. And I am really open to where I will wind up teaching in the end with three distinct […]

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Alaskan Show: Flying Wild Alaska

July 20, 2014

Tweet I have been called obsessed about Alaska lately, and maybe that is a fair description. With that being said, I just finished up the Discovery Channel series Flying Wild Alaska. And I loved it. I’ve been looking into living and teaching in the bush of Alaska where the villages do not have roads connecting […]

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Great Information on Teaching in Alaska

July 16, 2014

Tweet So I have been doing a lot of research on teaching in Alaska and luckily there is some really good info. There are a lot of good blogs out there of people who have moved out to Alaska to teach. So it is sort of easy to see what life is like in the […]

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Some Thoughts on Alaska and Moving There

July 12, 2014

Tweet I have been doing a lot of research on teaching in Alaska, and even though I am a year away from moving anywhere to teach I am very interested in moving to Alaska. It seems there are three types of schools there. First of all, there are the big five districts. These seem to […]

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Next Teaching Adventure: Alaska?

July 9, 2014

Tweet Wow it has been over a year since I last posted to my blog. The time has really flown by. I have been back in the US since then working on becoming a certified teacher. I am enjoying the process so far, but I am only half way through with the program. I chose […]

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Flat Stanley Comes to Daegu, South Korea

February 21, 2013

Tweet So late last week I got a video message from my nephew asking if I had received Flat Stanley yet. I had no idea what he was talking about. After a second message explaining a little more, I understood that it was something he made at school and sent to me. I thought that […]

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Traveling Like a Local in Seoul

November 10, 2012
Thumbnail image for Traveling Like a Local in Seoul

Tweet Recently, a friend of mine moved to Seoul. So, what better reason to pull out the backpack and head up north for a visit? I decided to do something different this time since a pair of my friends were coming with me. I don’t mind staying in the love motels around Korea. They are […]

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Friday Food: Korean Dak Galbi

October 12, 2012

Tweet Korean food is amazing and one of my new favorites is dak galbi. Dak galbi is a marinated chicken in a chili sauce mixed with cabbage, onions tteok (rice cake), garlic, and sweet potato. It’s a delicious meal that they cook right before you on the table. The first picture is the before as […]

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